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Father & Son getting busy talking about Struggles 2 Blessings


1ST Verse:
I’m all in and it’s all or nun aimin at ya starz can u hear me comin ain’t no goofies ova here Nigga attract all groupies ova here Nigga comin wit a different type of vibe and I’m talkiN a different type of time since a youngin I been out my mind all I knew is the hood and all the crimes so wat I started doin commited the crimes all that shit did was land me behind the line tryed on them shoes and they fit to fine gotta talk my shit right here comin from the mud and now I’m here so many struggles turned blessings threw my struggles learned lessons u talk that money we can step than if u talk any less than than my glock gon step in now tamed don’t play wit my name give me liberty or death and I ain’t goin first sucka so imma paint ya chest cuz I don’t miss when it’s wreck gotta make it home to mine and that’s my bottom line struggles ain’t weaken me but it made me to a beast that could see where I’m really post to be and I will achieve thee and nigga that’s on me allah made it to be a chance outta poverty and I ain’t goin back beneath

After verse:Struggles to blessings u Hurd that’s what taught me my lessons

Struggles to blessings
Our lessons we learn in life
If you not learning you ain living
You cant be getting it right
I done f.......... one time
Got a 2nd chance at my life
Bout to take the world by storm
I won't be saying it twice...

2ND Verse:
So I get low, I'm coming thru
Pulling up in a 5 point 2
On da grind like hustlers do
Business man with
a mean shark tooth
Money spent is money made
Gotta play the game
If you want yours too

Money spent is money made
Gotta play the game
If you want yours too

Scared money dont make none
And know that honey dont pay the rent
So we got to get it Without the limits
No money dont make no cents
If you heard said nod your head
Salute and get to it
Or go without live In doubt
think about what could have did
What you could done
What you ain't got cant be fun
Gotta Get out and get it
Go get you some
Put in work get it done
Go put in work and get it done
Me and mine we been thru it
We seen the storm we weathered it
Gotta keep the faith with God in place
After rain and after pain
Comes the sun and bliss...


Damn, nice track fam!!

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